Sandeep Trivedi Chief, Electronics Research Lab
Facts About Me
  Masters in Electronics & Communications
  Expert in Artificial intelligence, microprocessor based electronics design, GPS and GSM based Technologies
  Published research papers in many journals of national repute
  Awarded multiple times for innovations in electronics and science projects
As chief of our electronics research lab, Mr. Trivedi brings a passion for electronics research and uncompromising drive for excellence in our products.

He and his team has played a pivotal role in research and development of multitude of traffic technology products. Mr. Trivedi posses a unique attribute of creative problem solver and carrying out complex technical tasks to meet objectives. He has published many papers in electronics journals nationally and been awarded many a times for innovative projects (Speed measurement of motor using optical method (2nd price in India given by IAPT, Jaipur), Development of Robotics with various motion controls, Rajkot), Velocity measurement and acceleration of falling objects (3rd price in India given by IAPT, at Shimla), Science Express Train – In association of Vikram Sharabhai Community Science Center..development of weight system for different planets
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